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Active Pet Rehabilitation has been providing mobility solutions for veterinary practice patients in Perth since 2008. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to therapy — every pet is unique, so their treatment has to be as well. A wealth of experience and breadth of qualifications ensures we consistently put together comprehensive, personalised rehabilitation treatments for each animal referred to us.


We offer a range vet-approved rehabilitation services. These treatments are commonly used following surgery or injury, but can also be applied to degenerative conditions, or ailments that occur over time.

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Aqua Treadmill Therapy:

This is used to support, strengthen, stretch, and aid recovery from injury or immobility.

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Phototherapy and Massage:

Phototherapy (laser) improves circulation, muscle relaxation, and tissue repair. Combined with massage therapy, this session improves mobility and reduces pain.

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Stability and Strengthening Exercise:

Included in all Aqua Treadmill sessions and revisits, these gentle exercises improve balance and stability without overloading joints.


Super Seniors:

Fun and fitness for your beloved senior pet. These sessions include gentle stability exercises and stamina building walks in the aqua treadmill.



Used to relieve muscle and tendon contractures following injury or major surgery.

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Neuromuscular Stimulation:

Neuromuscular stimulation is used for building specific muscles following injury, or to correct growth abnormalities. This therapy may also be used in conjunction with Aqua Treadmill Therapy.

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Tyson, 13 years old

“My husband and I can’t thank Carmel enough for everything she’s done for out Tyson. We’ve learned so much from her and will continue on with all the knowledge she’s given us to help and assist our darling Tyson in his aging years. He’s lived much longer than was anticipated and we treasure each day with him."
- Barbara


Purchase our fun packages for your pet, or treat a friend’s pet!

Super Seniors Program:

This five-session program helps improve strength, balance, mobility, and active longevity for your senior pals. They also receive lots of mental stimulation, where they produce lots of feel-good endorphins, which leaves tails wagging! If they’re up for it, they can also spend some time on the aqua treadmill where they can splash around on a safe and fun way, whilst getting the exercise they need.

Fur-Filled Relaxation:

It’s like a day spa for your pet! These relaxation sessions are redeemable for two aqua treadmill re-visits, or three super senior sessions as part of ongoing care, or three massage and/or phototherapy sessions as a relaxing boost. You can even mix and match treatments to best suit your pet’s needs.

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Lucy, 12 years old

“Our 12-year-old Lucy lost the use of her back legs in just 36 hours. We were absolutely devastated. Then, she lost the use of her front legs as well. She couldn’t do anything but wag her tail. Carmel has been an amazing support for Lucy and me. She equipped me with the knowledge and skills to follow up with treatments at home. Progress has been slow, but very encouraging!”
- Pam

Active Pet Rehabilitation was 11 years old this January.

In dog years that makes us senior too!

To celebrate we are now offering Super Seniors sessions to help improve mobility and comfort for your best friend at a special price.

One of the best things to help keep older pets comfortable is regular controlled exercise. This helps to maintain muscle strength and reduce pain and stiffness.

Sign up your best friend for our Super Seniors program to keep them comfortable and loving life for longer.

30 minute Super Senior Sessions for dogs over 8 years of age include:

  • Weigh in

  • mobility care

  • gentle balance exercises.

  • water walking session in our heated aqua treadmill and

Special price of: 

  • $435 for 5 sessions or,

  • $870 for 10 sessions (paid at the first session)

 That's just $87 per session (normal price $108 per session)

Sessions are available on Tuesdays from 10am - 6pm, Thursdays 2pm - 6pm and alternate Saturdays at either of our locations.

At your first session you will receive:

  • Easy exercises for your dog to improve their daily living

  • Diet advice for your super senior to get the most out of life

  • A diary for monitoring medication and pain control

Includes a Super Senior doggy bag of achievement after their first 5 sessions!

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