Would you feed your family Weetbix every meal for life?

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Apologies to our national breakfast food (or so Sanitarium would have us believe).

At Active Pet Rehabilitation we see patients who are fed a variety of foods. Often we see them progress through dietary changes as their owners strive to improve all aspects of their pet's lifestyle so they can have a better recovery from the condition that brought them to us.

Danielle Simpson is an experienced veterinary nurse who is dedicated to improving our pets lives by improving their diet, and she has kindly written a short piece for us below.

Danielle's company SkinnyDog makes healthy organic or pasture fed raw food snacks, along with nutritional supplements to save us having to create them at home.

Benefits of Raw Feeding

Since the early 1900’s the commercial pet food industry has been on the rise, growing into the multi-
billion dollar industry it is today. The biggest surge in commercial pet food sales was after World War
II. Why is this? Well, during the recession people couldn’t afford to purchase meat for themselves,
let alone the dogs. It was at this point it was discovered that feeding a grain-based diet sustained
life, and was also cheap to buy. However, a grain-based diet is not species appropriate as dogs are
designed to eat meat. Grains were only fed during this time as that is all they had, but the pet food
manufacturers saw what a great market it was.

Raw feeding is about going back to what is a species appropriate diet. This means a diet of meat products including bone, organ and meat in ratios that replicate the makeup of a small animal (80% meat, 10% bone, 10% organ).

Feeding this natural diet can help….
 Reduce dental disease and tartar build up
 Increase skin and coat health
 Improve immune systems
 Improve energy levels (decrease hyperactivity, perk up older dogs)
 Provide mental stimulation
 Decrease vet visits

When we as humans want to eat better, we eat clean. We eat more fruits, vegetables and fresh
meats. So why do most people believe feeding an overly processed grain based diet is the best form of nutrition for their pets?

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We should be feeding them

 A variety of fresh proteins from good sources, ideally wild caught or pastured raised
 Some extras like fresh pulped fruit and vegetables,
 Kelp
 Legumes
 Kefir
 Golden paste
 Bone broth

Yes, there are some guidelines to follow when raw feeding, but it really isn’t that hard.
If you would like to find out more please feel free to join SkinnyDog Pet Treats at one of their Raw Feeding 101workshops. To book your tickets visit https://skinnydogpettreats.com/collections/workshops-and-
seminars/products/raw-feeding- 101-workshop- 26-11- 2017

Danielle Simpson RVN
SkinnyDog Pet Treats


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