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Rehabilitation therapies are an excellent aid following muscle injury or surgery, or to help reduce the discomfort of conditions that have developed over time. These therapies can also be used to treat nerve injuries — even paralysis. Pain management is a huge part of our work here. All of our services aim to reduce discomfort and restore normal movement patterns, so your pet can get back to their healthy, happy selves.


Patients are only seen on referral. Contact us or your vet to start the process.

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Let’s Work Together

All rehabilitation is complementary to veterinary care and is not meant as a substitute. To come and visit Active Pet Rehab, you’ll need a referral from your local vet, or veterinary specialist. This extra step may seem unnecessary, but it’s so important for us to provide the right treatment. By partnering with your vet, we’ll be able to see your pet’s medical history, test results, x-rays, allergies, and anything else that will help us deliver the right personalised therapy plan. In other words, we work collaboratively with you and your vet to provide the best possible treatment and care.

Beans 18 m.o. and Debbie.jpg

Beans, 18 months old

“It’s been a fabulous investment for our much-loved Beans. There is no way his quality of life would be at such a high level now without Carmel and Active Pet Rehab.”
- Debbie

We Love Them Like You Do

You want your pet to recover as quickly as possible — and so do we! Our friendly staff will show you exercises and stretches you can do with your pet at home, so you carry on therapy where your dog or cat feels most comfortable. In many cases, treatment can be managed through an initial assessment and advice, with follow-ups done over the phone.